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Winners Nundle CWA Art Exhibition 2018

Section 1- Traditional

1st- 121 “Golden Morning” – Lesley Cole

HC- 125 “Washpools Scone”- Noeline Millar

C-110 “Memory of Bellingen”- Graham S Cox

Section 2 – Contemporary

1st -208 “The Bush Cliff”- Joanne Kunkel

HC- 215 “Scorched” - Kate Owen

C -228 “Off the Lounge”- Kisani Upward

Section 3 – Watercolours

1st-306 “Across the Plains”-Jenny MacNaughton

HC-304”Fog Over the Rapids”- Pat Chaffey

Setion4 – Pastel & Drawing

1st-401”Teatime”- Catriona Adams

HC-433- “No Plan B”-Alanna Mason

C- 419-“Geometric Abstract” Mary Quinn

Section5-All About Cattle

1st -503 “Stormy Pastoral”- Graham S Cox

HC -508 “The Sire”- Lesley Cole

Section 6- Sculpture

1st-6A1-“On the Road to Find Out”-Gwenda Hague

HC-6A8-“Dingo”- Tyler Summers & Luke Leys

Section 6B- Wearable Art

1st-6B3 “She knew she was a Princess”- Gwenda Hague

HC-6B9 “Felted Lady”-Prue Campese


Section 7A- Photo Realism

1st-7A12 “One Day”- Diane Crowe

HC-7A13 “Outback CWA”- Warner Currie

C-7A2 “Goodbye”- Catriona Adams

Section 7B- Photo Illustration

1st-7B4-“Pondering (Man Standing)”- Aaron Hemmings

Section 8- Pat Hill Memorial (Local Artists)

1st-804-“Pat the Kelpie”- Raymond John Coleman

Section 9- Emerging Artists

1st-905-“The Bank Building, Tamworth”- Caron Schumann

Section 11-10 to 15 Years

1st-1106 “Staffy Pup”- Jade Krsulja

Section 12- 7 to 9 Years

1st- 1228 “Tiny People”- Lily Jones

Section 13- 6 years and under

1st-1316 “A Sea with Sand”- Annabelle Gadd

Section 14 – Junior Photography

1st-1406-“Burn Off”- Alex MacKenzie